Baba Ifalade (Alafia)

Alafia sings lead vocals, as well as plays the tenor saxophone, jembe, flute, congas, shekere and ago-go bell.

Anura Neysadurai

Anura plays keyboards, Hammond Organ and the Fender Rhodes.

Frank Zwee

Frank plays plays electrifying guitar and also sings backup.

Nathan Faulk

Nathan sings as well as plays the trap drums, jun-jun, cowbell, melodic bells, shakers and gong.

Osakwe Rikondja

Osakwe sings as well as plays bass, jembe, congas, berimbau, bongos, alto saxophone, jun-jun, ago-go bell, blocks, quica, tambourine, jingle bells, vibra-slap and shakers.

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