- Compact Disc, 2009 © Drumusic

With a heart filled with good memories and thanks, we gratefully announce the arrival of our newest offering to your ears. This CD features some of the old material that you may know and some new styles that may not have known that we are capable of playing. We did this CD entirely in our own facility, Drumusic Studios, and it shows! This CD features conscious lyrics,good hooks,and some individually great musicians playing hearts-to-the-wall! You can listen to some samples here or order your own copy here.

D.R.U.M. Live - Compact Disc, 2004 © Drumusic
A live compilation showcasing D.R.U.M.'s amazing live performances. Includes tracks from both Africanexus and Ancient Sounds of the Future as well as some previously unreleased tracks. This CD features Hip-Hop recording Artist Zin, who infuses the music with his breathtakingly fresh brand of Hip-hop.You can listen to some samples here or order your own copy here.

Africanexus - Compact Disc, 1998 © Drumusic
A compilation of musical styles including Nyabinghi, samba, traditional West African rhythms & chants, reggae, dub, funk, and jazz, with a touch of soul. The CD references five languages: English, Creole, Yoruba, Bantu and Portuguese. You can listen to some samples here or order your own copy here.

Ancient Sounds of the Future - Cassette, 1994 © Drumusic
The groups’ maiden voyage recording featuring a traditional West African work song, South African Mbaqanga, New Orleans Mardi Gras rhythms and Roots Reggae. Houston Press music editor, Brad Tyer reviewed the cassette and called it "uplifting... a clean sound" and "was surprised that the energy of D.R.U.M.’s live performance could be captured on tape so well".

Plantationland - Film Soundtrack, 1995

Alli Aweusi - Film Soundtrack, 1994
Documentary on the life of the artist, writer, poet, actor and activist

Just Livin’ - Film Soundtrack, 1993

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